*eleen's site*

hello & welcome to my website!

This is my website obviously and I don't have any reason or purpose it's just for fun. It's unfinished and I am still working on it.

Please note that english is not my first language and I am a beginner at web designing.

This website is best viewed on computer

مدري والله بس لو عرب خلونا نتعرففف
about me

my name is eleen and i have a lot of interests that i can't fully
master one

fav food: cinnamon rolls
fav color: i love all colors :3
fav movie: uptown girls; i love this movie so muchhh i don't even know why

i am not a really talkative person especially with strangers so if i act dry you're not the problem i promise

update notepad

7/4/2024 i did not delay the
update notepad finally!